Friday, March 6, 2009


Why is it, I wonder, that we often put off doing things? I mean, really! If you don't do the deed, it will still be there waiting for you until you do. Once the work has been done, it's gone, at least until the next time it needs to be done. Well, maybe that's the answer to the 'why?' right there.The same job might need to be done again, and again, and yet again.

So much of our day is filled with mundane, repeat tasks. Day after day, we need to make the beds, fix meals, wash dishes, collect the mail, etc, etc, and etc. Booooooooooooooring! Well, maybe fixing meals isn't boring, but most of the rest of it is. Isn't it more fun to just do something else? Maybe we could do some gardening or some creative writing or scrapbooking? (Choose your passion!) The danged other stuff won't go away, so surely we can ignore it and take the time to have a little fun.

I have noticed, however, that the 'undone' things not only stay, waiting, they seem to grow as they wait for someone to show them some attention.

A sink full of dirty dishes is not pleasant to tackle or to look at. So, why wait? Wash them when there are few, rather than waiting for the empty cabinet to signal that unless you take on the task, you'll be eating out of the palms your hands.

Beds? Unmade beds, with all their wrinkles and lumps are not comfortable to crawl into at the end of the day. It's so much nicer to look at a smooth, well-made bed and is so much more welcoming to a weary body.

The mail would be more exciting if it was anything other than utility bills and junk mail. I hate that all that money is spent on paper,ink, postage and employees who create and distribute the ads, only to have them all end up in the dump.
Ah well, I think I've just talked myself into not waiting to do those menial small chores. If I do them when they are 'little', just think of all the time I'll have to play on the day the I'd be playing 'catch up' because I put them off.

Ok. I'm off to don my armor (my Nikes and their coordinating Tshirt emblazoned with the motto, "JUST DO IT") I'm going to collect my weapons of warfare in the battle against the dust bunnies, falling dry leaves from the house plants and the dirty mirrors. By noon I'll be able to see all those wrinkles that have been hiding behind the splashed water spots. Hmmm... maybe I'll wait on the mirrors.

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