Saturday, August 6, 2011

Work Day

Prologue: ARG!!!!!  I had nearly finished my blog this morning, when I hit some unknown key on the keyboard, and erased the whole darned thing!  GRRRRRR.   I'm still getting used to new things on this laptop I bought a few weeks ago, and the 'erase key' is one of those mystery things that I've not conquered yet. Here I go again...let's see how far we get this time.

As I was saying before the text flew off into never-never land, today will be a work day. It's time. My craft room looks as if a bomb went off and definitely needs a clean out and organizing.  Since the dawn of my being, I've been a lover of all things termed 'craft materials'. Paper and pens are a real obsession, and since scrapbooking was added to my list of loves, those products have multiplied on the shelves. Not too long ago, one of my favorite local scrapbook stores was closing, and I purchased some shelving to house the cardstock and other papers I own. It will be nice to get those in place and loaded for action.

Then there are the sewing things to get in place. (Here is where I will whisper that I haven't pulled the sewing machine out in years, but I do have plans to, so I don't want to part with all the stuff...just some of it.)  That room has  a closet, and for some reason, next to it, is another spot....a good, deep, fairly wide space, that would be wonderful for open shelves. That would make the perfect place to stack fabric and sewing supplies.   The problem with that is, I can't build them myself, and hubby has so much on the honey-do list that he'll never see the end of it. So, shall I buy some sort of  too-shallow unit, or shall I hire our trusty carpenter pal to fill the space with wonderfully efficient, simple, shelves? I guess the first step is to get up there and get to it. I will clean out, get rid of, and then organize the remainder. The shelves can wait 'til later.  

My mind has been going a mile a minute all week long. I even made a list of decorating ideas that I want to implement, but the garage needs to be unpacked first. I know there are lots of things that I want to use, and lots that I'll want to get rid of once I start that project. You see, while I was in SC for nearly a year before my husband was, he and our grown kids packed the majority of our stuff.  What I had previously packed was done in a rational manner, towels and linens,for instance, and the boxes were marked for ease in unpacking.  Conversely, the remainder was packed with no rhyme or reason, so there's no telling what will be found in each carton.  It makes the job interesting but more difficult.

Anyway, I'm ready to unload some of this junk. It's just going to take some time. It's too bad that my mind has so much more energy than my body has. There's no way I can keep up with my ideas and projects, but it all begins with the first step, right? I'll leave you now to begin the mammoth project. If I don't return in a few days, call out the canines and the Search and Rescue teams. I'll be buried under a mountain of something.