Thursday, May 10, 2012


Here comes another 'label' to attach to a group of people. This time it's "Prepper", and you are labeled with that name if you are one of those who is preparing for an eventual catastrophic event.  You are quietly, and mostly secretly, purchasing and storing away huge jugs of water, cans of food that will not expire for 25 years, and other 'needful' items in the event that something dreadful occurs so that you cannot purchase 'safe' items to eat. 

You are learning 'green living' and finding books and information to teach you how to live more self-sufficiently.  This part of it, I can agree with under any circumstance. But going to the extreme of building 18 wheeler trailer-sized underground shelters (to protect from nuclear fallout) is a little paranoid, not to mention expensive. 

Consider this, you've built this gigantic monster, filled it with all the necessary products, and saved all the seeds from plants so that you can replant all the dead and contaminated greenery. Unless you are inside this cave when the devastation happens, you are likely to be contaminated as well, before you manage to get to the shelter. And, I wonder where the seeds will be planted that will replenish the earth when the air is raining toxic things down upon an already damaged earth. There will only be so much food and supply of all things within that protected box. What happens if it runs out before the outside is 'fit' to re-enter?

I'm reminded of the 'scare' during my grade school years when some people were worried about the 'bomb' that you could be safe from, if you had a bomb shelter with some supplies in it for survival until the world was deemed to be safe for human habitation again. No doubt "something" catastrophic will happen 'someday'. No one can predict today what that will be or when.

I've never been one to willingly join much of anything. I've never cared much for labels either, so I'm going to take my chances, and I won't lose any sleep over it either.