Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Afternoons....

Around here, we have very quiet Sunday afternoons. We arrive home from church, have a bite of lunch, and slowly drift and serenely drift into some interest or another. Sometimes we have a visit with neighbors on our front porch. Sometimes it's computing or books. Lately, though, it's been football games.

It all started when my husband's home state team, the Seattle Seahawks, were playing in the play offs for the Superbowl, against the New Orleans Saints. Hmmm...what chance did the team with the poorest record in history have against the Superbowl winners? Since Mike is unethusiastic about watching a game by himself, I told him I'd watch with him, though with pure honesty I'll tell you, I've not one iota of interest in football. However...that day I watched, and as the game went on, I became more interested until I found myself whooping it up with every great play of the Seahawks, and every fumble by the Saints. Secretly I thought, "this isn't so bad, after all."

After the Seahawks won the game, miraculously, I slid, effortlessly, into the next game, which happened to be the NY Jets. It wasn't as exciting a game, and I wasn't much interested in it. I realized today that what I thought would be just the watching of the Seahawks until they were beat, was not going to happen until after the Superbowl, which I always watch with Mike. So...
today was spent watching the Chicago Bears fall to the Green Bay Packers. Now begins the second game of the day, the Pittsburg Steelers against the NY Jets. I'll have to be loyal to NY since I am a born and bred New Yorker, though I'm not particularly interested in who wins or loses.

I will poke my head up every now and then, from whatever computer game I'm in the middle of, to find out what all the hooplah is about on the tv....but in the recesses of my mind, I'm reliving the wonderful time we had earlier this afternoon, sharing lunch at the bbq restaurant nearby with the company of our beloved Pastor and his wife, Diane. Shhhh....don't tell Mike.