Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Over the past sixty-three years since I made my entrance into this world, I've learned much from my Mother.
I thought I might share a few of those things.

1) I've learned that our views on things are often quite different, and that it's ok.

2) I've learned that I'm very stubborn, and according to Mom, that I come by it honestly.

3) I've learned to be myself, whoever that is at the moment, but in doing so, I should remember to be compassionate, kind and forgiving.

4) I've learned that nobody's perfect and that everyone has a slightly different idea of perfection.

5) I've learned many crafts...knitting, quilting, crocheting and other wonderful pastimes.

6) I've learned that you cannot make a person be who you want them to be, and to accept each one as they are.

7) I've learned that I don't know everything, and that listening to elders, especially my Mother, can be quite enlightening.

8) I've learned that I'm very fortunate to have been born into the family God gave me.

9) I've learned that I really needed that correction that my parents gave me, even though it wasn't pleasant at the time.

10) I've learned that she did so much for me as I grew up, and I've learned to appreciate that.

11) I've learned that there's no sense in just have to change what you can and ride out the things that can't be changed.

12) I've learned that as she ages, she needs me more ...and that it's an honor to be able to help her.

13) I've learned that love grows with time...both her love for me and mine for her.

14)  I've learned that I've learned much from my Mother...and that no matter how old I get...that I still need her.