Monday, January 9, 2012

I'd Like to Move It, Move It...

This morning, I was engaged in a conversation with a friend about today's kids and their technical abilities. It just overwhelms me.

With all the talk from medical people and others in the know about our over-weight children, one would think that eyes would be opened wider as to why.  Our kids spend the majority of their time in front of one screen or another all day and evening.  Their 'recreational' time is spent playing video games, their conversational time is interrupted by texts from other friends, their family time is spent in a room full of others on computers, phones, kindles, nooks, ipods, etc. I have no qualms in saying how annoying this can be to those who desire to talk with them. 

In no way does this apply just to children. We are all guilty of spending too much time on keyboards, staring blankly at screens. (I wonder what it's doing to our eye sight?)  It does seem, however, that kids are more interested in the technical stuff than in spending time outside, enjoying some physical activity, or even in playing with toys of any kind. Technology IS their toy of choice.

I know there is some educational value in the "plugging in" to computer games and other electronics. SOME is the key word, I think, and as in all things, it depends on how you use an item as to how much real value that item will be to you.   WII Fit was a good idea, having been the brainstorm to get 'dormant' people up and moving again. Still, for those who are able, I don't think there's anything as beneficial as going outside in the sunshine, running around, and being a real kid! 

Where is the room for imagination? Everything is thought out for today's kids. Perhaps that is the reason that movies today are mostly (poor) remakes of great old ones. No one has the ability to think up new things. How sad.  I wonder what kind of books (to never be put on paper, but rather published to some electronic thingamabob) will be put out in our future?

I know that I'm also 'dormant'...not so much by choice, but because of a hip/back situation. I long to be more active, to dance and be able to walk longer. I love to see kids doing what I can no longer do.  I'm also a 'fossil' and I believe in the provision of toys that inspire some creative thinking. Paper and paints, and clay for art projects and crafts, dolls, tea sets, dress up clothes for role playing, interactive board games for sociability. These are all 'sit down' types of activity, for quieter indoor play, but there are bikes, hula hoops, soccer balls, and the like for outdoor activities. I love to encourage hop scotch and team games and races. One of the older grandchildren is a first year cheerleader, so I asked to see all of her got her away from her cell phone/computer and up and moving!

All that being said, it's time for me to get up and moving. I think I'll see if I can stretch and wiggle a little. After three days of being sick, I can use it....even if it's just a little.