Thursday, October 11, 2012

Going Backwards

Some of us are going backwards....and we like that way.  We're of the age where looking back is pleasant for us, reminiscing about the way things 'used to be', concluding that the old ways were far better than where we're heading, sharing our sweet memories.

I'm sure that there are many who would say that that 'reverse thinking' is a sign of our aging, Maybe so, but knowing where we've been, and unsure of what's to come, it's a security for some of us. Knowing that we've been through rough times, and that we've made it this far in life, we know that we're 'tough old birds', and we'll make it come-what-may.

I'm so glad to have other friends of my age group who remember things and places that I hold dear. It's difficult to realize that your kids and grandkids can't relate at all to the way things were when you were their ages. That's called 'progress'.  Some day these same kids and grandkids will speak of their youth, and the younger generation won't 'get it' either.  Well, truthfully, there are an awful lot of stories my grandfather  tried to share, that fell upon my deaf ears too.  What I wouldn't  give now to hear those tales of his young life!

 As many complaints we have of how technology has taken over our every day lives, I must say that I'm grateful for knowing how to use a computer. I fought so hard NOT to be a part of the technical world, but I'm glad,now, that I can at  least wade a bit into that area. It keeps me in touch with family, old friends and new ones too, via Facebook and email.  No matter where we are in the world today, we can communicate in seconds,with no long distance phone bills. We can even talk and see each other via Skype. What a world.

Few people who  are my age want to lose the old ways,though. Books, film cameras, photos that can be held in the hand, that crack with age, dragging up old memories to think of, to miss, and to  share with others who understand. Slapping the mind in reverse now and then isn't such a bad thing.