Monday, August 29, 2011


Fortunately Hurricane Irene did not hit the area where my kids live. She did, however, send storm surges and wind from her outer walls.  That did enough to keep the officials and the Highway Dept., as well as residents, busy for awhile.

There will be roads to clear, storm drains to clean out, trees to cut up and remove.  There will be areas near the beaches, owned by the Town, which will need new asphalt. There will be beach patrols to remove the debris and make sure things are safe for people to use the sands again.

As for us, my daughter lives in my Mom's rental house.  There are three trees along the road, owned by the Town, located  fifty or so feet from the house. Correction... there were three trees. Long after Irene's strong breath blew off in a northerly direction, she pulled something unexpected.  There are now two standing and one lying across the roof of my daughter's 2011 Chevrolet and blocking the garage door and the front door. They have one access in and out of the house. I don't know if there's any damage to the house, per se, other than the rain gutters, but once the tree is removed, we'll know better.

Meanwhile, phone calls have been made to the Town and to the insurance companies. There has to be paperwork and claims filed. The Town will have to inspect. The insurance companies will too. Then, I guess it's a waiting game. My daughter will have to get another car, once it is determined how her carrier will deal with this mess. 

I'm 900 miles from home and  my daughter.  I wish that I was closer, so that I could be more help to her. She told me this morning that there's nothing I can really do, but listen to her, and that I am the one she 'dumps' it all on.  I don't mind. That's what Moms are for, isn't least one of our jobs.  

The poor kid has had a heck of a year, thus far. She's the one who had the gangrenous appendix and surgery in May. The loss of work while hospitalized and recuperating affected her finances, already strained. Her medical insurance has a large deductible to be met each time there's a  surgery, so there's a debt load she certainly didn't need. 

There are so many things to be grateful for, even in this. My daughter and her girls are fine, albeit, upset about the situation.  The home they are in is liveable.  The car is fully insured. This could have been so much worse.  In a few years, this will all be forgotten, but for now, there's a lot going on in our hearts and minds. We'll get through it, we always do, but life sure can hand you some surprises!