Sunday, February 26, 2012


As I am typing this, I'm listening to a PBS rock and roll and doo-wop show on TV.  Now, I've got to tell you, I am loving hearing all this old music that I grew up with in the 1960's. The Ronettes, Jay and the Americans, the Crystals. I'm singing along with the sounds.  I always have enjoyed hearing this stuff, and today is no different. It takes me back to my teens and all the memories associated with each song.

Back in those days, I saw a good number of these acts on stage at the Brooklyn Fox Theater.  A New York Radio station WINS dj, who called himself  "Murray the K"  brought us the newest groups and singers and put together shows that were affordable for us.  I have in my scrapbook, two sets of notes which I wrote while in the audience at the Fox.  They are notes as to who sang in what order, and what they sang. You know, that's very important stuff to a fifteen year old of the day, and a real chuckle for me now! Somewhere, there's an autograph, too, from Murray....and another from Jay Black of Jay and the Americans. 

While I'll probably love singing and hearing these old songs until I take my last breath, I must admit that I'd prefer the faces to remain in my memory.  Seeing 70 year old women dressed as teenagers and wearing very long brown tresses, barely able to walk in those high heeled boots, let alone do a simple dance step, isn't thrilling to me.  I applaud the breath control of Jay Black in today's show, as he sang an extended note in "Cara Mia", but seeing him with age spots on his bald head, was not welcome in my memory bank while the song was sung.  Some time ago I saw Eric Burton of the Animals....his long gray hair pulled back in a low pony tail, his left ear pierced, and his flabby arms looking white beneath the sleeves of his wild tropical print shirt that barely covered his rotund physique.  This vision didn't match the voice singing "The House of the Rising Sun."

I'm pleased that these entertainers can still sing and maybe even do a show somewhere, but I'd rather hear the music with no view of the singer, unless PBS would play the old tapes of their performances. My husband said I just made complaints about both the one who looks natural and the one who is trying to look young. I didn't realize it, but he's right, I did just that!  Awww heck, go ahead guys....sing to your hearts content, for as long as you can!  I'll just not watch.... but you can bet, I'll be listening!