Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As I sit before a blank screen with a head full of early-morning fuzz, I was going ot make a complaint about the cold weather we've been having here in the southland. Then I turned on the early news and there was one of the newscasters, standing on-screen, bundled to the hilt. He was on assignment in International Falls, Mn. where the temperature was 28 below zero! Ok...I'm blessed to be here where it's 28 above!

I feel the chill in the house. The thermostat is in the coldest room on first floor, where there is also a two story entry from the front door. In order to get the room to a comfortable heat level, all the doors upstairs must be closed (which doesn't hurt anything, as the heating system is two-zoned) Unfortunately, though, if we turn the thermostat on the first floor up enough to heat the living room, the rest of the lower level gets unbearably hot. So, we've agreed that we'll cause the kitchen and bedroom to heat to an agreeable temperature, and just put on sweatshirts and warm socks in the living room. Chill or no chill, I'm blessed to have heat in my house!

As I gaze around the house, remnants of Christmas remain. It's a bit of a mess, I must admit, and it's time to deal with the packing up. The tree is shedding it's needles, and the branches are weakening, dumping the ornaments, one at a time, to the floor. Ok, so the house is a mess. It's not like that can't be changed. I'm blessed to have this house to keep in order (or not, at times)
I'm blessed to have the choice to sit and look at clutter or to get up and fix it!

I'm also pleased to say that as I struggle with aches and pains every morning when getting out of bed, I can get out of bed! And I have enough energy and health to be able to do what I need to do, without relying on someone to think of me, to come and help me, or to do it for me. I'm blessed.

There are so many things in life that we take for granted. There are so many things for which we should give thanks, rather than complain about. There's a quote that says something like "I complained about the hole in my shoes until I met a man who had no shoes." There's always someone who has a story worse than our own. I'm blessed...and I know that.

So today, as I wander out in the cold air to send a package to my granddaughter, I will not complain about the cold. I will remember, instead, to be grateful for my grandchildren to whom I can send gifts, that I have the ability to give gifts, that I have the car to take me to the post office and the knowledge to drive it. I will be thankful for the beautiful drive through the wooded roads from home to the wonderful little town of Pendleton, where the Square still has the decorated tree standing. I will thank the postal clerks, who are always so courteous and friendly. I will be grateful for all things, because I am truly blessed.