Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year...A New Day...A New Beginning

As the New Year approached, I began to think of things I might want to change during the coming days.I focused on my home...ideas I'd like to accomplish in the rooms, one by one. But as I attempted to create these visions in my mind, other things kept pouring into my and furiously.

I realized that I'm really quite content with my home, and my life. That doesn't mean that changes won't come.  Things constantly change in our lives, sometimes by our choice and sometimes without a choice.
It occured to me that we all  need changes, in order to grow in various ways.

Sometimes we see things in ourselves that we don't care much for. Those things need to be examined and altered to be more what we'd envision ourselves to be. It's not always easy to do that, but in reality, our lives most often bring a series of things that would inspire us to grow to be better people. I realized in all this time of reflection, that we have opportunities each minute to make changes for the better.

Whenever we find ourselves faced with decisions, we make a choice. Whenever there is a fork in the road, we find we must choose one over the other. Sometimes we make the right choice, sometimes we don't. We always have a chance after making the first choice, to decide that it might not have been the best one, and we can change our minds and choose another option. However, we must realize that every choice brings it's consequences and/or its rewards. Even if we realize a mistake was made, and turn to a different decision, the effects of the first choice may follow us for a time.  When given the chance, it's a good idea to put a lot of thought into things before we make a decision. I've learned from experience that it doesn't hurt a bit to try to see into the future, to predict what result any decision might bring with it. Of course, there's no telling what tomorrow will bring, but a little forethought is never a bad idea.

So here we are, folks...faced with a New Year....a New Day....a New Beginning. This year will bring many, many choices and decision-making options. May we all dip deep into our wells of past experiences and those of others who've walked the paths before us, and draw up buckets of smart thinking. May we find ourselves a little wiser in the days ahead than we were in the days past. 

Happy New Year, my friends!