Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Character...

When I was a youngster, every now and then a humorous story would be told about someone my parents knew, and invariably the tale ended with 'what a character!'  This morning's offering will be about a 'character' who lives nearby to us now.

When we first moved here, we met Bob before we met his wife, who he called "Edith." It turns out that her real name is something else, but he called her 'Edith' because her voice and New York accent sounds exactly like Edith Bunker.  She's a fun lady who likes to laugh and talented a painter/craftsperson. I liked her on the spot.

One year we were invited to a casual supper at their house during the Christmas season. During the evening, we heard a number of stories that had us laughing, but I'll share only this one for today.  It must be read, thinking of the way Edith Bunker spoke, with her heavy accent and her high pitched voice. 

Marilyn said, "When Bawb and oy lived in Floorida, Kath-a-leen, we built our own home, royte from the ground up.  We built the wawls, we did it awl, but when we gowt to the roof, I said, "Bawb, don't ya think we awt t' hoyah somebuddy to do the roof?"  Bawb said, 'no honey...we can do it.  So, we cloymed up to the roof. " Her eyes got big and her brows raised up.  "Oy thowt oy had awn good sneakahs, but oy didn't!  I stahted t'slip!  When I gowt to the cawnah, my jeans cawt awn a nail, and thayah oy was, Kath-a-leen! Hangin' thayah on the cawnah of the roof, with moy feet danglin'...yellin' "Bawb! Bawb!"  She moved in closer to finish her story....'But Bawd didn't come!  He fell awff the othah soide!"

I laugh every time I think of Marilyn  and that story!  'What a character!'