Friday, May 18, 2012

A Special Day

Today is the birthday of our youngest grandchild. This little girl is just  a passle of giggles and a giggle maker.  Little did we know when we heard she would be born, what  a lot of fun she would be. Oh, babies are always fun...but this one is the true definition of 'FUN'.

She was born three days early...I think she was trying to play a trick on her Grammie.  But the joke was on her, as I'd previously arranged for a flight a few days early, in order to refamiliarize her big sister (all of 21 months old) with me. We hadn't had any time together for about a year, they'd been transfered to Georgia for her Daddy's job. 

So....there I was, at the baggage area in Atlanta's airport, waiting to  retrieve my  luggage, when I saw my son in law.  He had the cell phone to his ear, and he handed me the phone. It was my daughter, letting me know that her neighbor/friend was driving her to the hospital as we spoke, and that my son in law would take me directly to the hospital, rather than home.  Oh boy....!  When we arrived, we had a good wait for the baby to make her appearance. When she did, we all got to know her during her first hours while Deb snapped photos and hospital staff and midwife left us alone as much as possible.

Baby Abigail joined the family with little interruption. She was a good baby, a cuddly one and grew to be a real smiler.  She hasn't changed much. She still smiles most of the time, with her eyes, even if
tries hard to prevent her mouth from her big grin.  She is able to make us laugh with her ability to speak in various dialects, her best being what she calls her 'restaurant voice'...a pretty good British accent.  She has a tendency to hear things, store them away somewhere on a shelf in her little head, and draw them off at an opportune moment. 

Abigail has been bringing us joy for seven years, but I strongly suspect there will be many more laughs with her in the years to come. I HOPE so!  I hope she never loses her sense of humor and always has that impishness about her.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY GIRL...Keep smiling!