Saturday, August 27, 2011

In Preparation....

All week-long, all over the TV channels reports of  Hurricane Irene have been broadcast: Irene over Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and where she might go next, seas rising and falling and surging against the sands, the storm's projected paths.  All of the East Coast has been watching and waiting.

I am far from the coast, and we have seen no wind or rain. But, still I am affected by this storm and it's fierce behaviors. Because two of  my children and two of Mike's, a number of grandkids and numerous friends are in her direct path, Irene is on my mind too.  I have sent instructions and suggestions, lists and good advice to my girls, who were too young to really know what a Hurricane is like, and what preparations should be made. I could tell when I spoke to one of them on the phone earlier this week, that she was not realizing the importance of it all.  I think she thought I was just needlessly worrying.  This morning, she said she's beginning to get an inkling that there might be something to worry about. 

I was hoping they would join together in one of their homes or the other, but it seems they're planning to stay in their respective places.  I suppose it's up to them, but I'd be happier thinking that they are together.  Of course, being 900 miles away, there's not much I can do to help them prepare...or listen.  There's nothing Mom can do to 'fix' anything so that they stay as safe as can be. It's one of those times when I wish I could control things, but can't.  

So, I've done what I can, and hopefully, they have all done what they can do to clear their yards of furniture and things that can propel through the air on a stiff wind. I pray that they've found what food they need should they lose their power, and not be able to cook anything. I hope they've got enough ice to keep their perishables cold enough that they won't need to throw too much food away. They've got books to read by flashlight and camping lanterns.  They've got games they can play. They will be 'locked down' together, my daughter and hers, my other daughter and her friend (s). 

And...they, as with all my friends who are in the line of the hurricane, will be in the hands of the protective Lord, because I've already placed them preparation.