Sunday, May 3, 2009

Recycling Decorator

Decorating is one of my many interests. I scour magazines and books, storing up ideas in my head for the next 'someday' that comes along. When I'm in a fabric store, I must look and feel every fabric, checking price tags for anything that 'speaks' to me. If it whispers loudly enough and is affordable, it makes its way home with me. This can be dangerous, unless there's a project waiting for that perfect textile. If not, it will sit for ages waiting for me to get back to it, and by that time, there's a good chance that my thoughts have moved on in another direction concerning the fabric choice.

I'm a frequent visitor at our local Habitat recycle store. It's the best we have found, so far, in our new environment. When I lived in NY, I had a plethora of 'thrift' and resale shops, though none were particularly inexpensive. Since I tend to be drawn to things that are not new, but rather used and cared for with love by someone before me, I always have liked that sort of shop. My house is full of such items of furniture and other goods. I like the putting together of things and the mixing of woods and pieces that others might not feel 'work' for them. Maybe they don't have the 'cozy' feeling that I get when things 'work' for me. Sometimes they need a little paint or a new gluing or a screw or nail here or there, and sometimes they are just fine as they are.

This morning I spent some time looking at some old country cottage magazines. As I looked at some of the articles and their accompanying photos, I thought..."aw, come on! How many of us
have a bedroom the size of a castle chamber, with 15 ft walls and arched ceilings? " That may be country cottage for a royal figure, but not for those of us who are retired peons with less than a serfs' income. This realistic recycler would love to see more articles and ideas for someone in my realm.

I wish I had access to an architectural recycling place. I'm asking the antique dealers and keeping my eyes open at our local flea market, but thus far, I'm still searching for perfect pieces of gingerbread, finials, etc. to place in our expanding garden and home. They will come, they always do, in one way or another if I wait long enough.

In August, we will be making a visit to our childrens' homes in our former area. You can count on me spending at least one day visiting my old haunts. I'm glad we have the van, for I suspect that there will be a few things returning with me that didn't make the trip North! I'm looking forward to my little shopping spree. It's the thrill of the hunt, you know!