Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Reunions

Family reunions happen all the time, though we may not call them that. When members of the same related group get together for any reason, I call it a 'reunion'.

Our seven kids are scattered between three states, and obviously that means a good number of grandchildren are, as well. When our NY girls decided to come for Gram's 83rd birthday, it was only natural that the Ga. girls would come too. One family of four won't be able to spend even one night, the other six will be here for from three and four.

As we email and phone to and fro, a full visit of celebrating is looked forward to by all. Here at home base, I try to keep the records straight as to who's coming and going on what day and time and which rooms they will occupy. Mike and I spend time going over the menu plans and making shopping lists. We've got a number of 'fussy eaters', so there has to be something that will accommodate everyone's palate. That's not so easy!

I'm still awaiting word on my nephew's acceptance of the invitation, so I'm figuring them into the mix. Late last week my daughter thought it would be a good idea to ask my cousin in a neighboring state if he'd like to bring his family to the celebration. I did so, and then invited his sister and her husband, in another near by state. She asked if her two children's families could come along too. Suddenly the party of fourteen had jumped to thirty possible guests. After a minute of stress, and then a good deal of anticipation at seeing those I've not spent time with in a long while, I mentally prepared a longer shopping list.

As Mike and I worked all day to clean and furnish our new sun room, we kept in mind how many we'd need to seat for the party and picnic supper following. We finally managed to get the seating and tables arranged in our minds, but left the porch in a state that Mom wouldn't suspect anything if she popped in from across the street. The extra chairs and folding tables would be added on Sat. morning while one of my girls kept her busy at her own house.

I kept checking my email for updates from the new invitees. On Sunday morning I still hadn't heard from my nephew's family, but there were messages from both of the cousins. No one from either family would be coming after all. Ok. With disappointment, I subtracted fourteen from the last number. We are at fourteen and holding until such time as I can add my nephew's four.

With all the confusion associated with these types of get togethers, I go through a myriad of emotions. While I love my family members, sometimes personalities don't mesh or immaturity over-comes adults, and there are 'unpleasantries'. At other times it's a big group of goofballs having a terrific time singing karaoke or eating everything in sight or laughing the hours away.

The fun starts on Wednesday. Would anyone else in the family like to join us? I can't even read the shopping list any longer due to the changes, so if you're coming would you mind stopping at the grocery store on your way?