Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What a Winter!

Today's calendar date is April 17. Finally, Spring has arrived this week, and she doesn't seem as if she'll be going anywhere very soon. Thankfully!

It seemed like such a long winter this year. I don't know if it was colder than usual, or if the cold lasted longer than normal, but it felt to me as if it was never going to end. Even when the flowers began to show some sign of waking up, nights were still dropping below the freezing mark, and frost lay on the brown grass in the mornings. During the day, the warmer sun would fool us into thinking that Spring had come, but it wasn't so.

Today, though, the leaves have all dressed the trees and blossoms are colorful and other plants await their turn to bloom as they climb from the cool, damp earth and reach up for the sunshine.  The temperatures should reach 84 today, the weather man says.  How refreshing! I remember in June,1996, our wedding day was the warmest day of the entire summer there on Long Island, NY.  It was warm,too...88 deg.  So, today will be a wonderful day for me!

I read on a friend's Facebook status this morning that they are awaiting yet another snowfall where she lives in Minnesota.  I'm grateful that we've crossed the line, and Spring has come to our house! I hope that you have a bright and wonderful day, wherever you live, and that your long winter has also come to an end.  Enjoy!