Thursday, April 21, 2011

Morning Thoughts

The Earth has had it's noisy morning shower, and it's gleaming!  The fragrance of grass that was mowed yesterday is stronger now, with the addition of the rain upon it.  And, it's greener too!

Spring has made it's way to South Carolina...and as we move into each morning, we get deeper into the lovely weather!  The warmth increases, then it decreases, which is just fine with me, because all too soon, the air will be heavy with humidity, and opening the door to the day will feel similar to opening an oven door! 

This time of year is usually the windy season, as well as the time when we get the most rain during the year.  The wind can be fierce, and often there are reports of tornado warnings or watches. The moody temperatures often find themselves in conflict, and thunder storms erupt.  Not being a huge fan of thunder and lightening storms, the coming of Summer is a relief for me. We rarely see much rain or storms during those long months of summertime. 

There's nothing we can do about the weather...but wait, watch and prepare for it.  Springtime in the Carolinas can be tough to prepare for, because you never know what mood will appear.  So, we leave our windbreakers in the car and we might have to dress in layers at times. There's an umbrella in the van, also, as well as one in the coat closet, because too often, I've been caught in one place or the other without my bumbershoot!

I guess today will be in inside day, as it's gray and damp outside.  There's no more rain, but the ground is wet, and the red clay is muddy.  I've got much to do before the weekend and the upstairs is calling my name. The guest rooms await new sheets, the shopping list needs to be updated, and the shopping must be done. 

There's no time like the present to get started, I guess, so I'll "talk at you" tomorrow!  Wishing you all a great day, whether it's sunny or rainy wherever you are.