Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Time for :

A pedicure!  I've never been one to run to the hairdresser or get a manicure 'just because' the way so many young women have become accustomed to doing in the last few years. I've always taken fairly good care of my skin and that includes my feet and my toenails.  I soak them in warm water, do all that pumice stone stuff on the calluses, keep the nails trimmed and shaped nicely. But I'm tired of doing it. It's not very comfortable to bend down for the length of time it takes to do the work needed when they get bad.

It's all my daughters' fault! They took me to have my first pedicure a few years ago as a gift. I never felt so pampered!  I felt sinfully wasteful for allowing them to spend the money for something that I've always done for myself.  Now I have them done a few times a year, taking care of foot care myself between visits to the salon.

I have decided that because I don't spend much on my hair or my fingernails, and  I do all the work associated with those parts of me, that I can afford the cost of the pedicure.  After all, in the years since I was in cosmetology school, I've always cut  and styled my own hair. (Except for three times in the nearly five years that we've lived here.)  I don't color my locks, as I've still got a lot of my own color with threads of natural silver in it and I happen to like it!  I don't need a manicure as my nails are kept short, and I can do the cuticle trimming and filing and even apply the rare coat of nail color.

At any rate, it's been awhile since I've had the luxury of soaking of my 'dogs' while sitting in that recliner with the heated lumbar vibration on my back.  Aside from the fact that my feet need attention, I think I need the lazy hour or so, pampering myself a little.  How does one know when they need to see the pedicurist? My current symptom, as a result of going barefoot for the majority of the time, is some seriously-callused soles at the heel end of my feet. They're so bad at the moment that they sound like velcro separation  when I walk across the Berber carpet!

(These are NOT my feet...but the one on the left, unfortunately,
 looks as if it could be mine!)
I want to walk on a sandy beach, at the edge of the bay, like I used to. That kept my calluses at a minimum, and I had nice, smooth feet.  But, since I'm 900 miles from our hometown beaches, and 5 hours from the ocean in our new state, I guess I'm going to head to the salon and pay for the soft feet!

Do you think I'm spoiled? Maybe I am, but as the saying goes, "I'm worth it !" Maybe I'll even spring for a facial, while I'm there!