Friday, August 7, 2009


It's tax free weekend in SC. I'm sure there were lines of people waiting to get into the stores the minute they opened the doors this morning, as there are on the day after Thanksgiving, commonly known as 'Black Friday." I was not standing in one of those lines, nor will I be in any during the later hours of the weekend.

Oh, I'm the happiest of shoppers, when I can browse at my leisure and see what's available. I'm a good shopper, too. I look for bargains, and usually find them, but I don't consider it a bargain just because it's on sale. It's only worthy of the 'good buy' title if it was on sale and I NEED it. Otherwise, it's just something I found on sale!

I do not rush to the sales or the tax free shopping. Such ads are meant to draw us into the store, where wise business owners know that we'll browse the stock and buy more, just because it's labeled "reduced". Many people enjoy the excitement of getting an item before someone else does. Me? I can't fathom racing around like a madwoman or having a tug of war over an item of clothing. I don't enjoy the crowds or the lines or the hunt. I want to get in and out of the departments as fast as possible with what I went in to purchase.

Of course, I wasn't always that type of shopper. When we were packing up to move, I had an epiphany. We had too an excess of everything! And it's true that we still do. We don't really need anything, and so my shopping sprees have slowed considerably. That being said, I must confess to having a magnetic pull toward Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore and Michael's. I must chain myself to the leg of the couch in order to keep myself away from those craft places. Antiques and used furniture places are a draw as well, but I am rarely a customer in those spots. I just enjoy the looking.

So, today, tomorrow and Sunday, my wallet is safe. I've got a lot to do this weekend, so I will be too busy to allow myself to indulge in the temptation which may overcome my resolve to steer clear of the tax free shopping. I truly believe that I've got the discipline to avoid that chaos anyway. I do...I know I do! I could use a new desk top computer, though.

WHERE'S THAT (afore-mentioned) CHAIN???