Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Words of Wisdom II

After finishing the blog the other day about  the wise sayings of my elders, I remembered a number of others....probably many too many for this entry. I thought I'd share those too.

I don't know how many times my mother has said in my lifetime, "Beauty is as beauty does." I always knew what it meant when she said it. I was probably wrapped up in how I looked, rather than how I was acting.  I've come to realize that a beautiful spirit is far more appealing than any face or body that we might consider to be attractive. If a soul is living as one knows is right, peace is evident. Soft spoken, content spirits are likely to be kinder, gentler people. Without kindness and loving actions, there is nothing very beautiful in a  person.

My aunt, who was quite a 'fashionista' used to tell me that you need to 'dress for success.'  While I was working, I always attempted to look my best, be modestly and appropriately attired for the office. I don't know if I truly was more successful in doing so, but I certainly felt better about myself that I did on those days when I was home in my 'grubbies'.

Whenever something was a troublesome situation, my Dad used to say, "this too shall pass." Those words come from the Bible, and are pure truth. Nothing lasts forever on this earth....all things pass sooner or later. It is a verse that gives me hope when I hit a rough patch in life's path.
It only lasts for a little while, and we move on to a brighter day.

Both of my parents have said, as does my beloved husband, "Anything worth doing is worth doing right."  And.. since we cannot know what we would do if we were put into another person's situation, "Don't judge."

There are so many words of wisdom that I've heard in life. The older I get, I think I'm gathering them in my heart. I glean them from the old familiar hymns. I hear their messages in lines from books or movies. My Bible is full of them, but then of course, what is more wise than the voice of God?  The words seem to echo in my ears when I need to hear them most.

I'm grateful for them, and I'm still learning from them.  As another old sage once said, "We are never too old to learn."