Monday, April 25, 2011

Church Attire...

When I was a youngster, the approved wardrobe was the very best in your closet. This included for the female population, both young and old, ankle socks or nylons for the adults, unscuffed shoes, most probably patent leather, hats, little white gloves and always dresses.  The little and big gents always wore suits,ties and well-polished shoes. The hair  was just perfectly coiffed and the boys' short locks were glued down with gel or Brylcream, parted, and combed into just the right wave.

What has happened to all of that? It's gone by the wayside, like manners and respect, I suppose. Dressing in your best for church was expected; it was a matter of respect for God to look your best.  These days, I've seen everything from blue jeans and short sleeved shirts on men to tank tops and shorts which should have been quite a bit longer to be considered modest in any public area other than the beach. Personally, I don't approve of shorts of any length in church...or tank tops, unless covered by a jacket.  I don't know when the dress code became a free-for-all, and I'm not a huge fan of the changes. 

I do wear dress slacks and a nice blouse, sweater or jacket at times. I have abandoned the hats and gloves, as have other women, even older ladies than I.  The men in our church usually don't wear ties and jackets, but most do, and those who do not still wear nice slacks and shirts, often with sweater vests. 

Yesterday, and last Easter Sunday as well, one of our congregation wore a hat. Last year, she sang the special solo music, and she prefaced her song by saying, "If you're short and want to stand out in any crowd, wear a hat."  Yesterday she kept saying that she was hoping to get women to wear hats again. I, for one, LOVE hats!  I am complimented whenever I've worn one of any kind, so they apparently suit my look.  They always seem to 'dress up' an outfit, or just 'top it off', so to speak. 

I think that I will pull one out of my stash, and wear one next week to church.  Perhaps Sandra and I will start a new trend, and hats will be a fun accessory to bring back!  You can keep the gloves, however...and the seamed nylon hose.  

What do you think about hats? Do you like them or not? Where would you/do you wear them, if you do?  Shall I wear a hat next Sunday...even if I stand alone in the fashion statement?  I think a survey is in order, so feel free to share your opinions.