Thursday, October 21, 2010

Telemarketing Calls

A major annoyance in our family, and probably most others, is telemarketing calls. The other day someone from a travel agency called. I have no need of a travel agent, as we do road trips and with my internet, I do the planning myself. If I was going to travel by plane, or out of the country, I'd definitely use an agent who lives in the neighborhood. So, when the woman on the phone told me what she wanted, I told her that I wasn't planning to go anywhere and thank you, but I didn't need an agent at this time. I wished her a good day...and just before I hung up I heard her say, "You're going someplace someti.....

I generally do not answer phone numbers that pop up on my caller ID unless I know them. It's always a telemarketer or someone campaigning for something or looking for a donation for some reason. I understand that these people are trying to make a living, but I am annoyed that they barge into my house with their scripts in hand and rattle on without allowing me a word in edgewise. Not only that, but they will not take 'no' for an answer.

One of our favorite family stories involves telemarketers....Newsday. We did not have caller ID then, and the newspaper made calls every week in hopes of getting a new subscriber. It began to irk me a great deal. My teenaged drama lover, Erinne, said, "Next time, let me talk to them." So, I did. The conversation went like this:

Newsday: "Good afternoon. Is this the lady of the house?"

Erinne, with affected British accent: " The lydie? The lydie? Wye no, she's gown out in the carriage with the lawd."

ND: " I'm sorry?"
E: repeated previous line...and asked, "Mye oy 'elp you?"

ND: "I'm calling from Newsday" and went on to ask if she'd like to receive a subscription..blah, blah, blah.
E: "Newsdye? Newsdye? Wot is Newsdye?"

ND: "It's the Long Island newspaper...blah blah blah
E: "Well wye wuld oy need a newspyper? We've got th' town croyer"

ND: " Are you Irish?
E: "Oyrish???? Wye NO! of cawse oy'm nawt Oyrish!"

ND: "Oh...English? How long have you been in this country?
E: "' eva.

ND: "Well, I'd really like to introduce you to Newsday."
E: "Oh...oy'm saw-ree, I really must go. Someone's at the moat...oy 'ear the dragon rawring."

And the call was ended. I really must try that one of these days! If nothing else, it ought to give the telemarketer a good laugh.