Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A rare day it is when I awake after six o'clock. I'm what I term a "Morning Dove" and always have been. It is my favorite time of day...my time... a time when it is peaceful, quiet, and uncluttered by the goings-on of life.

I find the dark before dawn fascinating. I don't, for the most part, like darkness, but pre-sunrise is different. It's so still and I feel completely enveloped in a short-term lonliness. Before I know it, a beam of light shows in the east, causing a filtered light, a soft, misty illumination of all it touches. The world awakes. The song birds begin their warbling. The sky puts on a show of color...gold, pink, lavender, blue. The leaves begin to dance in the gentle breeze, and grasses glitter with diamond-like dew. The sea releases it's mist to the heavens.

Every morning is unique. Sometimes the day dawns with no sunlight, and yet it is there, somewhere beyond our view. Those are the days when the rain spits on our window glass, or the fog obscures our vision, or when it is hazy, hot, humid and grey. Even those mornings are beautiful to me. Rain has a song of its own, sometimes rhythmic, sometimes with irregular beat, sometimes pounding, sometimes gentle., nearly without sound. Fog, too, offers specialty. Misty, grey air, surrounding everything, dampening whatever it falls on. It has a mystery about it as it cloaks the shoulders of day.

Each dawn brings it's own gifts. I am glad that I'm awake early to receive them. It is a time for me when I can think clearly, reflect upon God and His handiwork, and appreciate all things, undistracted. Those who snooze so comfortably in their beds until later hours of the morning have no idea what they're missing! I wouldn't trade place with them for anything.