Thursday, May 27, 2010

AC Weather

Temperatures are predicted to be 91 degrees out there today, and I may just might have to buckle under and turn on the central air for the first time this year. I don't pay a lot of attention to the numbers, but when my bodily thermostat feels it's uncomfortably hot, I have to do something about it. We've been using our ceiling fans and have the windows open. It's been sufficient thus far, especially when there's a nice breeze blowing, even though we've reached record temperatures for the season on a few occasions.

I love fresh air and I enjoy being outside. The sun is hot in our yard, and there's little shade, due to the fact that the contractors stripped most of the trees from the area before building. Unless we sit on the porch, it's pretty unbearable out there. I've been spending a lot of the day inside, where it is cooler. I commented to Mike the other day that I always have a bit of a tan in April, and I'm still white as a sheet now, in late May. He replied, "Well, Lovey, you have to be outside to get a tan!" Yes, that's true, but I'd look like shrivelled bacon if I spent time out there these days. We had, literally, about one week of Spring weather this year, and that was mostly rainy.

There is another option that I toy with. We have a low, rectangular wading pool that we bought for the grandkids. I suppose we could blow that up and lie out there in the sun, while splashing in a foot of water. I'd be cool for a few minutes and tanning at the same time. So far, I'm not that inspired to have a tan. It's too hot out there in the sun...wading pool or not.

I must be getting old. I really do not like the hot sun. When I was younger, before the sunblock was thought to be essential, I'd take the kids to the bay and we'd stay all day long, swimming and sunning ourselves. I can only pray we'll all be spared from skin cancer as we age! Maybe I'm doing myself a favor by not worrying about a suntan.

The best solution to the whole heat/sun thing is this...staying inside the house. Of course, another option would be to install AC where we need it most....outdoors, but that idea is just plain silly. So, as the day progresses and the sun gets hotter, I may cave in and turn the AC on in the house, lay back with a glass of lemonade, and hibernate until the temperatures drop.

See you in October!