Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Mother's Life

As any mother knows, it's a real job to handle.  Under the best of circumstances, with children who are as perfect as any child could be, it's a lot of work to raise children.  I'm thinking of some at the moment, who have larger challenges than most of us do, and their jobs require even more energy and strength.

One mother that I know has a child who was diagnosed with ADHD as a preschooler. She was able to get help for her little one with mild medications and good preschool training, so that when the child was ready to go to elementary school, she was aware of the behaviors that would be expected of her.  As the years passed, her medications have had to be adjusted with her growth. Now that child is nearly a teenager, and is undergoing the changes that come to all kids at that time of their lives. It's not an easy time for any of them, but coupled with medications for a growing individual, it's posing some real times of trial and stress.  This mother is a strong woman, and she deals as well as she's able, as a single mom.

Another I know rode a roller coaster for a few weeks, having been given a diagnosis for her daughter that the 14 year old had cancer.  I can only imagine the thoughts that went through the minds of that mother as she looked upon the child she'd given birth to such a relatively short time before. I would think that she wondered if the dreams she had for her daughter would come to fruition, and what would
lie ahead of them in the future.  Finally, a surgery was done to see what the size of the cancer was, a biopsy was taken and, a week later, the report came that there was NO cancer! (Was there a mistake in the diagnosis to begin with? I choose to believe that it was a answer to the innumerable prayers being said for the child and her family from those all over the country...and perhaps beyond!) I am so happy for that mother and the family! I have no doubt that if the alternative had been the case, they would have done all that was possible to fight for the return of good health for the young lady. What parent wouldn't?

There's another mom whose child is being bullied by classmates. This youngster is only eight years old, and has some social issues, but children can be so very mean. This mother has to fight for her child in that circumstance. She must navigate the school system, reporting what she knows to be violations of the rules and attempt to gather aid from the teachers and authorities in the school. She must determine for herself  how to help her child at home. She listens to this child spill out her feelings of lonliness and hurt because others won't play with her. She tries to develop skills in her youngster which will help her to be a little less sensitive to the cruel remarks directed at her, without causing her to become an uncaring and vengeful child.

I raised five children who are now raising their own.  I didn't have such issues as these to deal with, at least not to some of these extremes.  My heart hurts for these....and other moms who have Autism, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, and multiple untold other situations to deal with.  It isn't easy to be a mom.... or a dad either, I'm sure.  May God grant each one the strength and wisdom that it takes to accomplish their assigned duties and then some.