Saturday, August 17, 2013

Getting to Know....

There are times when you think you know a person really well, and suddenly they present you with something new....something you had no idea about. SURPRISE!!! You didn't know so much as you thought you did.

All this can mean is that you can learn something new every day, if you pay attention. That's not a bad thing, is it?  Lessons follow lessons, and hopefully they make some impact on you that you can add to your file called 'wisdom'.  These lessons are given to us that we might learn from them, and I enjoy learning them, though they aren't always the most pleasant events that bring those lessons about.

Hearing the new things from an old friend gives pause. It brings curiosity too...'what else do I not know'?  Now that sort of thing doesn't make a lot sense to me, because I have long ago accepted this person as they were, so what else I don't know will only be a learning experience in the future, should I continue to accept this person as he/she is.  That's pretty much my nature, so I'm quite certain that we'll remain buddies in the years to come, unless I'm presented with something dangerous or criminal.

These thoughts just flow right now....they don't need to be pondered. I'm one who likes surprises...and lessons too, so I'll be accepting of them.  I think the only thing I can say to sum all this up is this:  You just never know EVERYTHING, nor do you need to.  Keep what is needful, shun the rest of it.