Thursday, June 16, 2011

Circle Letter

After reading on a blog about a 'circle letter', I was intrigued and had to know more. After some investigation, I discovered the way it all works, and I wanted to be a part of one. What did I do? I contacted the women who had responded with "I love to receive letters." or "What fun that would be!" Nine women responded to the idea, and so it was that I started our circle letter.

We started out with a few emails, hashing over the details, letting everyone else know how the letter worked. One would write her letter, mailing it to the second woman on the list. She would add her letter to the first, mailing the letters to the third woman, and so on.  We asked that the letters be passed within seven days, in order to keep the news fairly current. When the ten letters make their way back to the original letter writer, she takes her first letter out, writes a new one, and puts it in with the rest, mailing it on to lady number two...and round and round it goes!

I started our letter off, introducing myself and my interests with some bits of news. Oh, there's so much to say when you are introducing yourself!  But, I kept the letter to the facts, thinking as time goes on, I can be more 'interesting' and detailed.  The letter winged it's way to one of the northern states, and from there, touched base with North Dakota, Texas, Ohio, and some other states far from me.  It made it's way back into my mailbox two months later. The wait was nearly unbearable, as I watched for the mail each day!  I wasn't disappointed!  Imagine reading nine letters in one sitting! What fun!!!

For fourteen years, I've been a part of an email group. We have forged lovely friendships, and to this day the majority of the original eleven women is still solid. We did lose one of our younger ones to a major stroke a few years ago. It caused such sorrow among us, and we still miss her. Another dropped out. We added two more women who knew of us, one was a friend of the one who passed away, the other was a sister of one of our members.  Though we've shifted a bit since the early days, we still remain strong. We've shared joys, sorrows, deaths, divorce, births, grandchildren, concerns, recipes, exciting things and routine every day occurrences. We've even had face to face 'reunions' and individual visits.

It is my hope that the 'Circle' will be as successful as the 'family' of friends in the Garden Gang is. We will see, as time goes on.  The letter is on it's way to the second round, now, and already I find myself tapping my foot as I wait for it to show up again!  I think I may have to find some other ladies who like to sit with a pen and paper, maybe form another Circle....or take them on one at a time. Whether a single newsy note or an envelope full, I'd be happy!