Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where Did I Put My....


I had them yesterday...just yesterday, for goodness sake! I know I did, because after being at the eye doctor and having drops that dilated my pupils to full Iris size, I was painfully aware of the sun's glare. In fact, I was so aware that I put my second pair of shades over the first pair, which by the way, worked wonders for shielding my eyes from the brilliant light of day.

 Where might they have gone?  I always keep one pair in the house so that I can put them on to sit outside on the porch. Another pair is always in the car.  Of course it is my newest and best and most favorite pair that has disappeared! I'm sure they will turn up ...eventually...and probably in some obscure, non-rational area, like the back of the toilet in the guest bathroom or something.  I just wish I knew where to find them.

When things like this happen, when I put something down and immediately forget where, I get fearful that I'm getting old too fast.  Otherwise, I rarely think about aging.  Oh yes, I speak the number of years that I've lived... quite often, in fact, and it never upsets me to say those numbers. But when I do something dumb, or can't find an object, or lose a word mid-sentence, THEN I begin to fret.

Well, I'm not going to wander around this house for one more minute today, wondering what I've done with those sunglasses. I'm not going to give myself any reason to fret and stew about my years. I'm going to put on the other pair of eye protectors and I'm going to go outside and rock in the chair on the porch.  How's that for 'old', huh? 

Those doggone shades will make their appearance when they're ready, and I'll either kick myself because they've been in plain sight all along.... or I'll giggle with the stupidity of where they've been found.  Maybe I'd better check the shelf in the fridge.... it might be the only place left that I haven't looked yet.