Saturday, February 14, 2009


It's Valentine's Day. All over the country, lovers are sharing their romantic feelings with each other, and exchanging cards, jewelry, bouquets with each other. Diamond rings are being placed on fingers to signify a marriage proposal has been accepted. Weddings are taking place here or there. Little ones are enjoying the collection of goodies they've received at their school parties or from Grandma and Grandpa. Celebrations of love are unfolding wherever you look.

Over the years, I've received all sorts of gifts to commemorate this Cupid's arrow day. My husband is a big teddy bear, and he is one of a romantic sort. There have been flowers, sweet cards with even sweeter sentiments written in his hand, candlelit dinners which he's created with his amazing skills in the kitchen. (I'm not being sarcastic...he's a better cook than I am!)
There have also been lean times when there hasn't been cash on hand for anything extravagant, but still he finds some way to show how special I am to him.

We actually don't need a day set apart especially to show our caring. In fact, I prefer those 'little things' that just 'pop' into our moments unexpectedly. You know, those things that show that a person is paying attention to you in ways that you don't
even realize. My husband never fails to notice that the half and half that I drink in my coffee is in need of replacement, and he'll stop at the store and buy a new quart before I've even noticed that I've only got two days left in the old one. As a retiree, he sleeps later in the morning than I do, and he never fails to make the bed. When he was still working, he'd sometimes snip off a rose, carefully remove all the thorns, wrap it in a wet paper towel, and deliver it to me when he gets home from a job. When we were dating, we once attended a New Year's Eve party on a frigid, windy night. After a long night of dancing in heels, we walked quite a distance to the car, and by the time we'd reached the parking spot, I was shivering with cold and limping in those shoes! My Knight opened the car door, placed me inside, opened the rear door, and from his ever present gym bag, came forth with a clean and warm pair of his socks! After a gentle foot massage, he placed the socks on my feet, for a much more pleasant ride home! I think that his thoughtfulness was responsible for my
act of hanging hearts all over the house on Valentines Day in another year. Lines from love songs graced each heart that hung from the ceilings like rain, stuck to the doors, the lamps, the fireplace, anywhere that would hold a heart. That simple act is one of his favorite memories.

'Little things'...never underestimate them. They are cherished for years and will serve you well in the 'every day' hours.
Don't ever pass up a chance to say, with words or with deeds,
'I love you' .