Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Weekend Ahead....

This weekend will be a more special one than usual. My daughter will be here. It's always fun for me when guests arrive, but even more so when it's one of the family.  Usually when she makes the two hour trip, she comes with her daughters and sometimes her husband comes too,sometimes not. Sinc he works out of the home, he can always use the  quiet time to catch up. This time, she'll come alone and my son-in-law will be 'on guard duty' over the girls.

My daughter has always been artistic, and her latest pursuit is to seriously create photographs worthy of professional endeavor. She's been a 'good' photographer for years, because she has that 'eye' for composition and detail, but these days she looks at her images with a more critical eye. She has done some free photo shoots for high school seniors, for a few weddings and some parties, in exchange for their permission to use the best of the photos for a portfolio to show her abilities to potential paying customers.  So, this weekend, we will be shot by lens and shutter as her models. She's instructed us as to what 'props' she'd like to use, what outfits to gather, and she's given us an idea of schedules in order to catch the best light. My job in the whole thing was to scout out locations to fit her ideas, and to be available at the appointed times. 

It shouldn't be a problem for me to be up and ready before sun up, because I'm naturally a morning person. However, we may have to take pictures of a snoozing Mike, since he's all about sleeping in 'til mid-morning! I am having some trouble with which outfits I want to be photographed in, that will fit the look E. is going for.  I'll do my best.

We hope, after all this, to have good weather and great images. We'd been hoping for brilliant tree colors, but I think we're not quite there yet. The wild flowers are drying and beginning to fade in color, but the leaves are still quite green. Well, even green makes a lovely backdrop, so we'll see what we end up with.  I'll share a few,once I get them from her. I can't wait!  A whole bunch of new images will be in our scrapbook...and we'll have a fun time with my daughter!