Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let Your Love Show...

After all these years, I'm still making paper Valentines.  Part of it has to do with the fact that I like to make my own greeting cards, but another reason is, it's sort of traditional.  I think Valentines mean more when they are homemade.  Just my opinion, of course, and if it meant I wouldn't get that expression of caring on the day set aside for 'love', I'd gladly opt for a store bought one over none!

When my kids were still at home, there was always a Valentine on their plate at dinner, sometimes along with a small box of Whitman's chocolates. It was a tradition started by my parents.  It was a hit with the kids (who doesn't like chocolates?!) Sometimes they'd give me Valentines too, which I loved. These days, I get one ...from my beloved....and it's a store bought one. Bring it on!

I make the grandkids Valentines each year. Sometimes they are fancy, sometimes they aren't....but kids love to get mail, and what better message to find in your mailbox than something that says, "Grammie and Papa love you!"  So, I've been busy lately, cutting, pasting and glittering. 

Little mice holding a heart, a dog lying with his paws over a glittery Valentine, a bouquet of hearts on stems, a row of hearts across the card, a kite with a heart on it.  Those aren't for the grandkids...because I don't want to ruin any surprise they will get in their mailbox. Those, and some other designs, are for some children at church.  There are about a dozen little people, still of the age where they would appreciate a special Valentine, so this year I decided I would make each of them one too, with a special message inside..."God loves you....and we do too!" 

I just think...Valentine's Day or otherwise, we ought to let our love show! How nice that we do have a special day to remind us all to do just that.