Sunday, February 7, 2010


Not too long ago, I vented my thoughts about the clothing available to short, chubby, late middle-aged women. Today, I'm going to visit the shoe department.

Young women with strong muscles, young feet and little common sense, have the availability of a huge assortment of flimsy, strappy, non-sturdy shoes. There are thick-soled, round toes, and dainty flats with pointed-toes. There are stilettos, and chunky heels, both of which could break an ankle with one wrong step. There are crocks and clogs and slides.

Every time I go shopping, I look for a new pair of shoes. I've been wearing the same shoes to church for years. Why? Because they are the only comfortable pair I own that actually fits properly! I try them on in the store, I do the diligent check as to feel and fit as I walk around on the carpet. I bring them home, do the same careful examination as I walk on our carpet, only to find myself returning the footwear within days of the purchase.

Shoes are just NOT made for my feet. They pinch at the toe, they slide at the heel. They're not the size seven they claim to be, they're either too large or too small. The width normal width is either too wide, or it's too narrow. I know enough not to even attempt wide-width or narrow sizes. Shoe shopping is a futile chore for me.

I don't like flip flops because of that thing between the toe that causes a blister. I like open-toed strappy sandals in summer because it almost feels as if I'm barefoot. Well, it would feel that way if the straps were just a half inch longer so that they didn't suffocate my instep. I like dress boots, but with calves like mine, a knee-length boot is impossible for me to find. I'm suffering from a falling arch in my left foot, so a high heel is not feasible for me, and besides, I feel a little like the toe-dancing ballerina hippo in Disney's Fantasia when I'm stutting my stuff in high heels.

I'm not any more wild about bulky shoes than I am about bulky winter coats, so wearing work boots with my jeans doesn't thrill me. I used to wear clogs, but now I'm more comfortable in a lower 'slide'. I think crocs are quite comfortable, but equally as ugly. I'm not six years old, so little flat 'mary janes' is not an option for me, though I've seen other, younger women wearing them.

So, I continue to shop for shoes....most especially a nice pair of brown ones for church. As for every day, I wear a well-arched workout shoe, most would call a sneaker. Oh, and that brings up another topic of contention...sneakers. But don't let me start that one now, or I'll be here all day.