Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today I am taken back

To the days when I was ten years old

I see the heat rising in waves

From the black top that feels as if

It will melt my flip flops.

The sun burns my skin

And I am red and freckled

My hair is bleached blonder

From sun and salt water

It feels too hot on my head.

I drink a lot of water

But it's lukewarm now

And doesn't refresh my throat.

We walk to the family car

The seats are very hot,
The vinyl upholstery
Is not comfortable
Even through  covered
By my old, beach towel.

The inside of the car is stifling
Even with all the windows open
And air rushing in as we drive away

From the beach.

I want to stay and swim more

But I know it's time

We must go home for dinner

And a rinse off with the hose.

Later, as cicadas chirp
And darkness comes

I will go to bed but will not sleep

Because the upstairs bedroom

In Grandma's house where we live

Is as hot as noontime

With no breeze

And my skin is hot with sunburn.

I will not sleep easily, or well.

~KBW,June 1, 2011