Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another "Character"....

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to one of our neighborhood 'characters'. This time, you'll meet one of the family ones.

Trevor is my deceased brother's youngest son. He's 39 years old now. As a child, he was a non-stop mover, full of mischief and fun. As he grew up, he tended to be drawn to the most dangerous things. I don't have any idea why he took such risks, even after being warned, but as a result of his actions, he  often would find himself  physically hurt or with a broken bone here or there. Fortunately, none of his antics killed him...but they might have.

Throughout his life, he's been a 'cut-up'. He hasn't changed much in that regard. "Trevor enters the room, and he's immediately 'on' ", in the words of my daughter. From the minute he arrived, he had us rolling with laughter as he shared his stories. Being raised in SC, he's got a heavy accent, and it's not the southern gentleman's more along the lines of 'redneck country.' I'll do what I can in relating the tale, in my written version of that accent. It will lose something in the translation, and all I can say is, I wish you could hear him yourself.

"Y'all....ah waz alweez gittin' in trubble in school. They'd say, "Trevor, yore goin' home early today." Ah'd say, "wha, whad ah dew?" I wanned t'know so ah cud dew it agin....only earlier in the dye! me in the mornin' me at the front doora the school...jist put me back on th'bus 'n sind me home. He knows where ah lee-ive, he jist picked me up there."

At one point he was talking about his exwife. He told my girls that she is 'slow'.  I said, "Trev, she is NOT!" His answer was, "She shore ee-is....'took her seventeen years to divorce me, didn't it?"

Trev had more stories than I can remember...and we were rolling on the floor as he told them. One thing I can say about him is this...he wears me out!  He's so full of energy, that I can't even understand him sometimes, he'll talk so fast. I can take about an hour, and then I'm ready for a nap! That being said, he's a sweet guy....a goof ball, and he could give Jeff Foxworthy or Jeff Dunham's comedy acts a real run for the money.  I wouldn't trade anything for him....or the laughs he gives us all.