Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WHEW! I'm Tired....

Four days 'til my New York kids get here!  We've got a busy few days ahead, and next week even busier.....but it's so much fun to look forward to.

I found myself in the middle of a muddle. Due to the fact that the NYers want to see their sisters in Georgia, we'll go there for a mini Christmas over the weekend. All of our special church activities for Christmas...a dinner, 2 house parties, a pageant, are taking place over the sanm weekend, so we had to make a choice. Church stuff....or family? Should be an easy choice, right?  Not so much.  That is because Mom won't travel, and it's up to us to get her to church, so if we don't go, she doesn't either.  Well, I felt pulled in two directions, and finally decided that we'll go to Friday night's party, go to Georgia on Sat. and skip the other three functions. After all, we don't see our NY family that often, and we've always attended the church things in other years.

So, it's hi ho,hi ho...off to Georgia we will go. We'll return on Monday, and spend the rest of the week here with the girls. On Friday night, one of the Ga. girls and her two girls will come for the weekend. On Saturday, my nephew from Ga. and my neice and her two girls from NC will arrive for a visit with cousins and 2nd cousins and Aunt, Uncle  and Grandma.  These walls will be straining at the seams, the estrogen will be here in massive quantities (3 daughters, 4 granddaughters, 1 neice and 2 grand neices and me)  Nephew and hubby will probably slip off to some hiding place!

What to cook for such a mob that will allow us time to visit?  Something easy.... maybe a big pot of soup or chili, a good salad, a hot, crusty bread and a cake. Sounds good to me....and easy! Yes....that's it!