Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Continuing Saga....

Unexpected family, as I wrote yesterday. Little did I know! Aine and I have been wearing out the keyboard on our computers, and our heads are spinning with information shared and to be shared. Not only on the Loper families, but...with the discovery of an O'Sullivan name in her photographs, we began to speak on that surname.

The wind was knocked out of us both, as she hunted through her notes. With a tiny smidgeon of information I'd given her on my former, late, father in law, she shot back an email with much information on him. Some was new to me, but the rest was true! Her great-grandmother was an O'Sullivan from my Patrick's location in Ireland, and she had a much younger brother in her 14 siblings, named Patrick. Parental names for both her and my subject are the same. Both her Patrick and mine arrived in the US in the same year. Can it be that they are one in the same family?! We now have a contact at work in Ireland on this.

I feel as if we've tumbled into the twilight zone! If this mystery unravels and connects my children to her on another level, I will be doubly blessed, in the meeting of Aine, as I've had so little to offer my kids on their paternal side. But God has granted me yet another blessing in life the meeting of Aine, whether or not Aine's O'Sullivan bunch lines up with ours.

If it does, I will also begin to believe the old adage...."It is a small world." Indeed!