Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aunts: Part Five

The fact is that I had two more aunts that really should be mentioned, although I didn't know them at all. They were my mother's half sisters. My grandfather had been a young man with two babies when his first wife died of diabetes. His mother took the role of caregiver to her granddaughters, as he was a working man.

When Grandpa remarried two or three years after the death of his first wife, the babies had known no other 'mother' than the grandmother. I suppose that's the reason they remained with her rather than coming to live with my grandfather and grandmother. I'm not sure whether I agree with that decision, but it doesn't matter, as it was not mine to make.

I did meet both of these aunts in my childhood. I went to school with some of their children, and my children were in classes with their children, but we had no real 'family' relationship with them. I know very little of any of them other than what I've written. I hope they were secure and happy being raised by grandparents, rather than parents, and I pray they didn't feel as if they'd been abandoned or unwanted by their father and his new wife. I think, if I was in their place, that thought might have crossed my mind. But, this was not my story... it was theirs, and I'm afraid I must bring it to an end, for lack of information.