Monday, June 21, 2010

Shadows on the Wall

"And the sun shines through the curtain lace, and shadows wash the room...and we sit and drink our coffee...." This song by Simon and Garfunkle plays through my mind as I drink my coffee on the couch in my living room with the lace curtains. The patterns are cast on the wall in shadow, as this early sun rises greet the day.

I see my mother through the veiled front window. If the sashes were raised, I'd hear her before I'd see her. The click-click-click of her metallic cane on the pavement as she walks would give me notice that she is out for her morning exercise. She is quite faithful to walk whenever the weather permits and she does this activity as early as she can to beat the heat. I keep an eye out for her to return from the hill at the entrance to our lane. I see her pass as walks around our cul de sac two or three times, signaling the end of her regimen.

The local news on the tv informs me of the events of the weekend and what to expect of the weather today. Commercials blare. I mute the remote. I have no need for accident law suits or motorized wheeled carts to ease my 'getting around.' I'm tired of hearing about the oil spill in the Gulf. I'm weary of hearing of fatal car accidents. I'll avoid that noise this morning.

The sun is higher now and the shadows have changed. The room is heating up. My mother is safely back inside her air conditioned home across the street. My coffee cup has but a small puddle of caffeine at the bottom. It is time to begin the work of the day so I can then get to the business of doing what I like to do. My stash of 'birthday', 'sympathy' and 'thinking of you' cards is depleted, and the ones I'll create await my time and attention. I think I'll do some with silhouettes of some sort.....inspired by the shadows on the wall.