Friday, October 1, 2010


Today is the first day of October. There is not another month that thrills me the way October does. The light just before dusk is golden, the sunrises are spectacular, and the trees with a brilliant Autumn-colored wardrobe are breath-taking.

Every month has its own goodness, every season gives it's offerings....but somehow, the joy that October gives me seems incomparable. I wonder at those who travel to the mountains or to another state to view the leaves, when right here, all around us, is such beauty as the maples turn red and gold and russet. Standing beside the green pines, hollies and rhododendruns, the forests are alive with bursts of red sumac and Virginia creeper!

I'm grateful that there are ordinances about burning when the weather is too dry, but you'd think that most would have enough common sense without being told when not to light fires. But, in this area, we are still allowed to have a burn pile in our yards, and burn barrels for paper garbage. I could forego the smell of garbage, but burning leaves is something that takes me back to my childhood, when we'd rake the dry, brown leaves to the road, set fire to them, and toss in a few chestnuts. Oh my!

We could have stayed in my old hometown. We could have moved anywhere, but I'm glad that we chose another place that has four seasons to enjoy. The golden days of Autumn, the wintery days of white, the glorious green of Spring, and the warm, blue skies of Summer.....blessings in all, but especially in October.