Friday, November 18, 2011

Sew Today...

That's my mantra on this Friday morning.  I want to make new valances for the living room...and for the kitchen/dining room too, eventually.  The fabric has been waiting there quite long enough!  I don't know how the time gets away from me, but every day just flies by and I find myself busy, but not getting done what I'd set out to do.

I haven't sewn in years. I've done some hand sewing and mending, but haven't bothered to drag the machine out for anything serious.  It's time I did!  When I was younger and my kids were little, I used to stay up until all hours sewing,  doll clothes, stuffed toys, curtains and other household things. I made  quilt tops, pillows, and pot holders. It seems as if that old second-hand sewing machine we bought for $26 in 1969 (an old Montgomery Ward portable that weighs a ton!) was never idle. It's being lent to Mom these days, though it sits idle there more often than not. Over the years, it certainly has been a faithful friend to both of us.

Todays project will be sewn on my newer model....a Singer zig zag which I bought brand new at a yard sale about ten years ago...for $25.  I've used it some, but not much. I prefer the older one, mostly because it responds to my foot on the pedal with gusto!  That baby can sew at least twice the stitches in the same time that the other one pokes along. It drives me crazy.  When I sew, I want the item finished in one sitting.  I don't like unfinished projects.

So...that is my goal for the make, and finish at least two valances!  What are your plans for this cold November day?