Monday, September 23, 2013

Where There's Smoke....

Apparently somebody thought my life wasn't exciting enough. To remedy that, a certain occurrence took place as I cooked my dinner last evening.  The frying pan caught fire, shooting flames nearly as high as the bottom of the microwave which is located above the stove top. For that reason, it was impossible for me to smother the flames with the lid of the pan without getting burned.

Not wanting to end up in the Atlanta Burn Center, I grabbed the phone and dialed my Mom's house, where Mike had just gone to deliver some peaches and let him know that there was a pan on fire. He raced across the street to our house with the speed of a champion sprinter.  He quickly extinguished the fire by placing the lid over the now-shorter dancing flames, as the smoke alarms were screaming all over the house,  and the smoke was filling every room.  

We opened all the windows and turned on the ceiling fans and exhaust fans in the bathrooms and kitchen.  Before long, the smoke was out and by bedtime we were able to close the windows again.
However, this morning, when I got up, there was the distinct smell of an over-done steak and burned fried onions.  

Maybe Fabreze will use my story for their next advertisement.  The whole incident should be turned to something worthwhile.

In the meantime, while I wait for the royalties to roll in, let me encourage every young woman to marry a fireman. Let me remind every cook that surprises can happen, and that even though 'a watched pot never boils', a watched frying pan can catch fire. Let me tell you that smoke alarms are very annoying when they randomly go off without cause (or when batteries need replacement) but they are extremely important to have in working order. Do not slack off on this list bit of advice.

And remember....where there's smoke, there is almost always a fire. Be careful.