Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm just tuckered out, and my brain feels fried.  I'm not going to complain about this heat, because everyone is suffering under the 'heat dome' right now...everyone except those in my husband's home state of Washington.  The west coasters seem to be fairly comfortable, but they're whining for some warm sunshine.

You can't please everybody where the weather is concerned. If there's one subject that everyone has an opinion on, it's the weather, no matter what it is where they are located.

Anyway...I really can't think. I just kind of wonder through what I need to it was to take Mom to the 'bone doctor.' She's got some arthritis in her knees that doesn't hurt, but does cause some weakness when she's walking or trying to walk up the stairs.  Thankfully, we had a 9:30 appt, so even as we left the office at 11, it wasn't so awfully hot as it would get later in the day.  For some reason, I chose yesterday to deep clean Mom's kitchen...because it needed it, not because I necessarily felt up to it.  I found myself perspiring...which is something I rarely do, but I got the job done, and then had an hour nap in the afternoon.

Interesting life I'm leading these days, isn't it?  Like  I said, I feel like my brain couldn't pull up a clever thought with a long rope and a bucket!  I'm just plumb tuckered out from this intense heat and humidity. So...stand by...maybe tomorrow you'll get luckier!

Stay cool....