Friday, January 11, 2013

Middle of January Already???

Yes, it is the middle of January already!  I can't believe it. It seems that we get less done since we've been retired than we did when we were both slaving away at our jobs.  What's wrong with this picture?

Our Christmas trees are still up, as are most of the other decorations, but that's not unusual since we both like Christmas. I'm kind of thinking it's time to go,though. I was not particularly 'involved' in my favorite holiday this year for a dozen reasons. Mom had some sort of medical things that required a lot of doctors, tests and two trips to the ER. That took much time, not the least of which were the 17 hours total spent in those two ER visits.  And, guess what? To date, we still have no reason for her symptoms, which have seemed to have disappeared!

Time really can get frittered away....or it just flies off into some spot where you can never retrieve it. There is much to do at all times, so why does so little get accomplished around here from week to week?  (Truth is, too much computer time, reading blogs, exploring decorating, real estate, and craft websites, editing pictures, Facebook!)

So, here we are, nearly two weeks into the new year. I could have made a resolution to accomplish at least ONE thing per day, but as things go, I'd have probably broken that resolution.  I guess I'll just have to see if I can lighten the load, cross things off the list that aren't that important, and focus on what is primary. Having said that, I've just re-started the Circle Letter and added a new pen pal to my to-do list. These are fun things for me...making new friends and keeping in touch with  them and family.

Now I know, having written this entry, what the real truth is. There is a lack of time management and self-discipline in this house. Living in denial has gone on for too long, so now I must focus on reality and sign off to get something accomplished!