Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Thoughts: FIVE Days Later....

Where does the time go???  I realized this morning that it's been a few days since I've written...but FIVE days? I seem to have a few random thoughts, but not a whole lot to write I'll offer these.

My husband told me the other day that a bird...I think it's a wren....has built a nest over the 'industrial' type light that is hung over our outside entry to the sunroom. I looked...and yes, there it was, a mud and grass clippings nest, on the top of the light shade. We don't like to disturb nesting birds, so I imagine we'll be walking from front door to back yard for awhile. Not only do we want not to upset Mama Wren, but we don't want to be 'dive bombed' either. I'm not sure that there are eggs in the nest yet, but she was sitting in the nest yesterday....and this morning when I looked, but she saw me through the door glass, and took off.  We'll be watching from inside to see what develops.

The vegetable garden is underway. Mike has turned the soil over in most of it. I tried to help, and lasted about 15 minutes before the hip slid out of gear, and the shoulder screamed under the weight of the soil on the spade. (Here is where I could growl and grumble about my aches, but why bother. It's pointless.) We bought a few beefsteak tomato plants the other day, and they will be replanted in large pots that are deep enough to make happy, healthy tomatoes.  We'll get our zucchini, crookneck squash, bell pepper, cucumber plants just before we're ready to put them into the ground. We also bought some Bodacious Corn seeds, which we'll plant in a different area in a few short rows. It's a trial on the corn, as we've never tried to plant it before. Next year, we hope to have a much larger area ready to till...with a rotor tiller!

The flower gardens are bursting forth with glorious color!  The trailing verbena is thick and lovely...dark purple. I noticed the other day that the red "Hot Lips" and the lavender "Mexican Heather" are showing their true colors, as is a vine of Wisteria, the first blooms have appeared on this vine that we brought with us from NY 5 1/2 years ago. Now that plant, as much as I love the blossoms, is going to be a challenge to control. It is prolific and and will take over without real guidance and much pruning.  We want to keep it under control, in a 'bush' type of structure, rather than let it trail off and climb trees and other things.  So much is blooming now that it's hard to list it all!  The roses have a milliion buds, so I look forward to their promises fulfilled!

Spring is a wonderful time of renewal....and work!  The lawn requires weed killer and feeding. What started out to be nice, green, weed free sod continues to grow more weed than grass, regardless of the weed killers. I guess it's due to some of our neighbors allowing the weeds to form seeds, which fly and plant themselves in other lawns.  I'm not that fussy, to be honest with you. If it's green, it's fine with me, so long as it's kept mowed.

A few other thoughts occur....but they must be saved for another day. I'll try not to be gone so long next time!