Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day Trip

There's never a time when we spend that day together away from home, that I don't enjoy.  Today was a lovely Fall day, we were comfortable wearing t-shirts, and we decided to take a ride so that we could take a look at a Victorian home that is for sale. Our plan was to look at it from the street, and decide whether or not to make an appointment with the owner to see the interior at a later date. 

We looked on the internet for directions...then we looked at our atlas.  The area is only 29 miles from us, but we haven't been over that way in the five years we've lived here. So, confident that we could find the place with little trouble, we headed to the southeast on a country road.  We were right. The house was easily found. We checked it out from the street, looking for flaws. It appears to need a new roofing in the near future. The chimney brick is looking a little crumbly at the top, which makes us wonder if the chimneys are workable and in good condition.  There are outhouses on the 4plus acres, and big trees, oaks and pines and in the rear there are apple trees, apple-pear trees, pomegranites and pecan trees. There is a double arched front door, old windows with beautiful trim, a front porch and gingerbread trim.

I know from the listing photos that the interior is intriguing. The walls are horizontal boards, some painted, some still natural wood,darkened with age. The floors are all wood...except the large kitchen, which is tiled.  There are old light fixtures, a center hall, 8 fireplaces. Oh...what a dream it would be to live in such a place...!

However, even with the updated electrical wiring, plumbing, town water, newer gas heat/air, blown in insulation, what other work might be needed?  I've always loved old houses....but in the back of my mind, I keep hearing my Dad's words..."Old houses, old problems. New houses, new problems."  Now the question is, will I heed Daddy's words as a warning, or will we take the plunge   and go for it?

I guess there's no way of knowing what lies ahead in any realm. I'm not sure that we two characters are wanting to bite off a 'project' at this point in our lives. But, I think we'll go and see the inside of the place anyway.  How else will we know if we even think we'd want to live in such an old house?  It certainly won't be the first house we've walked through, loved, and turned away from for one or another reasons. The owner is aware that we weren't even looking for a place when I stumbled across the listing on-line, so she won't be surprised if we don't go ahead with a deal.

Excuse me while I go email her.  Stay tuned.