Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home Projects Part 2

The house was more and more comfortable to us as we made these changes. Though we were content with the way it felt, there were still some asthetics we wanted to improve. So, we removed the awful aluminum, square, ridged porch posts and added wood, colonial ones and a railing to the front porch.

We enjoyed entertaining our friends and family, including summer visits from our northern grandchildren. We continued to add flowers to the beds...and we made a small vegetable garden. We also determined that it was time for the building of a shed. We chose a level spot in the back yard, and it was erected. Some time later, we wished we had put it down the slope a bit farther from the house, which would not have interfered so much with the future social area in the back yard.

 That summer we felt as if we'd made some headway in making our house and property a 'home'. Our gardens were growing were the non-stop weeds.  Our vegetable garden produced nicely. The shed was finished and being stocked. The porch was comfortable!

And then....came the flood. Tune in tomorrow to wade with me through the alterations that brought!