Friday, May 27, 2011


The other day one of my granddaughters, the absolute middle-born one, had her fourteenth birthday. I can hardly believe she's already that old, and it brought up many memories.  Her Mom lived with us during the waiting for her, and for seven years after that, so she's the granddaughter I know the most about.

I was present at her birth that morning.  Her Mom had been in a good deal of pain since Friday night, and all day Saturday. Finally the doctors determined that she wasn't going to be born in the usual manner, and they would deliver her by C-section.  A very tired Mama and a very weary Grammie, both who had little to no sleep at all since Friday, were much relieved to know that the waiting would soon be over.  As my daughter was prepped for surgery, I was given a set of green 'scrubs' and a mask, and a cup of coffee.  I dared not tell the nurses that I was dizzy with exhaustion, for fear that they wouldn't allow me to attend the birth.

A few minutes passed and I was taken into the operating room where I sat at the head of the table, next to my daughter's head.  At 5:06 AM, that sweet 7 lb bundle was born She was wrapped in a little stocking cap and a flannel swaddling, and placed into my arms. Her Mommy shed tears as she said, "Mommy, a girl! I got my GIRL!   We rejoiced in our moment of three generations, joined together by a powerful love and the miracle of birth.

While mother and daughter were taken away to have their individual treatments, I went back to the room to wait. I looked out at the Sabbath dawn and I was aware of a chorus of birds that seemed to be offering praise for this special day.  I offered my own prayer of thanks to God who brought us this new little miracle.  As I look back on that day, it remains in my heart as a very important memory...a wonderful time in my life.

On her birthday, when I woke to the sound of birds singing, the dawn was just breaking. I looked at the clock and it read 5:09 AM. My first thought that morning was of the little baby, now a beautiful young lady. I'm proud of her, and I love watching her grow to be whoever she is meant to be. I have no doubt that she will be as special then as she was on her first day.