Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back Again...

After buying the new laptop, and starting to get used to it's new functions, one evening I couldn't access the internet.  I kept getting a connection error...and finally one that said that there was a modem or other connection device error.  FRUSTRATION!

So...I made my way to Best Buy and purchased another modem....and then a new wireless router, since I wasn't sure which device was presenting the problem. I thought that if I hooked up one at a time, I'd track down the problem and be able to solve it myself. If not, I'd stoop to calling my internet provider, and have them come out here to fix things.

The new modem was plugged in and I signed on to see if that would fix things. Up popped a note that read, "Are you using a new modem?"  And a few other questions involving entering numbers of the old modem, etc. Then, the computer instantly began installation....but wouldn't complete it.  I still couldn't use my computer.  After trying a number of times, I called Charter techies for help.  Listening to a 'smart' taped voice who seemed to know everything except the 'incomple installation' question, I was sent to a real person.

Sean was very helpful, and when we finished our finagaling, I was up and running again. He made my day!  I'll keep that new router, I think, rather than returning it for a refund.  At least I'll save myself the twenty-four mile round trip to buy it again, should I need it in the near future. The current one is four years old, as was the modem...and the other laptop.  So....maybe it's safer to keep it close than to return it.

Anyway...I'm back, and will be moving myself back to the habit of writing something nearly every day!  I've missed you guys....and hope I haven't lost my readers!  I'll meet you here tomorrow. You bring the coffee....