Thursday, January 12, 2012


It seems like I'm always waiting for something.  Most recently, I was waiting to dismantle the Christmas decorations and get them all put away. What was I waiting for? Well, my husband who was aka Santa to many little people, and bigger people, for over 25 years, happens to love to stretch the season for as long as he can get away with it. So, patiently I waited, sneaking down here a wreath, there a nativity, hoping he would tire of the tree in the corner. And then....I got sick for  a week. 

So, currently, there is still the huge tree in the living room, and a smaller one which was in the sunporch, to unclothe.  I did undecorate the kitchen one and pack those things up, but the sunporch is full of odds and ends of garland, lights, and boxes in which to pack the Santa collection, the snow men, and all the ornaments. Waiting.

Some time ago, I wrote that there was a lovely group of ten women who had responded to my invitation to create a circle letter. The first complete round went quite well. I received the envelope full of their letters within a fairly short time. I wrote my second letter and mailed the envelope of mail out to the woman who followed me on the list. That was in May. It is now January 12, and I'm still waiting to read the other women's second letters. I'm quite a patient woman....really, I am.... and I understand how some things can get in the way of life. But I also think that when you know there are people waiting for you, for any reason, if you can't do what is expected, that you should be considerate enough to communicate the problem to your friend(s).  At this point, I'm very disappointed in this letter business, and am considering bowing out of the group. 

I really hate to wait for long periods of time. When you make an appointment, is it unreasonable to expect to have the other party (ie doctor, hair stylist, etc) service you within fifteen minutes? When you place an order with a wait person, is it beyond reason to get your meal in a timely fashion?  I don't think so.

Sometimes a wait provides you with a pleasant diversion from something else, but rarely.  Most of us have schedules that demand us to be on time somewhere else. Children need to be picked up from school on time, employees need to be at their jobs when the boss deems it, others expect us to be where we are supposed to be.

This, of course, may be my own quirk, but I don't like causing other people annoyance or inconvenience, and I don't enjoy all.